Aiken Aviation

Fuel Services


Titan Aviation Fuels

Aiken Aviation offers Titan Aviation Fuels Jet-A and 100LL fuel products. Our jet fuel is premixed for your convenience.

Titan Contract Fuel

As a Titan Aviation Fuels dealer, Aiken Aviation participates in Titan’s contract fuel program for corporate and private operators. Please contact Titan Aviation Fuels directly at for more information or visit Titan Aviation Fuels to set up a contract fuel account.

Titan Rewards Program

Aiken Aviation is proud to announce our participation in the Titan Rewards Program. When you sign up as a Titan Rewards member, you earn points each time you fuel at Aiken Aviation. Then log into your account and redeem your points for valuable MASTERCARD gift cards. It’s that simple! To join Titan Rewards, please click here.

WorldFuel Contract Fuel

Aiken Aviation also participates in WorldFuel Services contract fuel program for corporate and private operators. For more information or to set up an account, please visit WorldFuel Services.