Masters Information

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Aiken Aviation welcomes you to the 2020 Masters Golf Tournament! You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and convenient it is to fly in and out of Aiken--plus we are an easy, non-congested drive (about 27 minutes) on Interstate 20 to get to the Augusta National Golf Course. You will be delighted by our prompt and personalized attention along with our Southern hospitality. We are well-known for our superior customer service and we will strive to make your trip to Aiken, SC a memorable one

2020 Masters Golf Tournament  General Aviation Parking at KAIK:
Aiken Aviation has abundant space for aircraft parking and can accommodate your quick turn needs. We have the equipment necessary (including tow bars and large tugs) to handle all levels of aircraft up to a Global Express.  We do recommend parking reservations for the Masters Golf tournament. 
  •  Enjoy the control in managing all of your parking reservations by setting up your own account—make changes at your convenience. 
  •  Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that when you’ve made the decision to come to Aiken, you will not be turned away.
  • Enjoy the hassle-free convenience of being able to drive straight out to your aircraft.  
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Please call (803) 648-7803 if you need assistance or wish to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

Ramp Fees:
Daily Ramp Fees are assessed according to aircraft weight.
Type of Aircraft Daily Ramp Fee**
Piston Single Engine $30.00
Piston Multi Engine $75.00
Turboprop $120.00
Small Jet (under 20,000 lbs.) $225.00
Medium Jet (20-30,000 lbs.) $400.00
Large Jet (30-50,000 lbs.) $600.00
Heavy Jet  (over 50,000 lbs.) $800.00

*$1.00 per gallon of fuel purchased will be deducted from your Total Daily Ramp Fees.

Pilot Information:

Runway Information:
The Aiken Regional Airport has two lighted asphalt runways. Runway 07/25 is 5500 x 100 ft. with PAPI lights and has ILS and RNAV (GPS) approaches. Runway 01/19 is 3800 x 75 ft. 
Please note that Runway 01/19 will be closed from November 7-17, 2020 for aircraft parking.

Airport Communications:
Unicom:  122.8
Ramp Frequency: 122.775
Please switch to the ramp frequency after landing for parking instructions and for passenger and crew transportation information.

Download 2020 NOTAM
Download driving directions to the Augusta National Golf Course

FBO Check-in:
All pilots are requested to check in at the FBO Customer Service counter on arrival to provide local contact information, service requirements, and departure information to aid in providing timely service and managing the ramp space.

Hours and Staffing:
For your convenience during the Masters, Aiken Aviation offers extended line and customer service hours and additional staffing to offer personalized attention to our customers.


  • WiFi and telephones with comfortable customer lounge areas
  • Pilot lounge
  • Flight planning room
  • Quiet room
  • Complimentary meals and beverages are available for flight crews from November 9-15, 2020
  • Several televisions are located throughout the terminal to allow viewing of Direct TV channels to include the live coverage of the tournament

Shell LogoFuel Orders:
We offer Shell Aviation Jet Fuel and 100LL.  Our Jet Fuel is premixed for your convenience.  As a Shell Aviation fuel dealer, Aiken Aviation participates in the Shell Contract Fuel program. We also offer COLT contract fuel.  Additional fuel trucks and staff will be provided as in past years to keep the fueling process quick and efficient.  

Ground Transportation:enterprise logo

Enterprise Rental Car will be on site and located at the service counter at the back half of the FBO building to handle your rental car needs.  Please call Enterprise at (803) 641-0135 to make your car reservations. Multiple taxi and limousine companies are also available for your transportation needs. All rental companies allow drop offs and pickups at AIK.

Iacofano’s catering will be on site for all of your inflight and crew catering needs. They will have a kitchen and staff and can make up many orders on the spot. You may place an order on site or by calling 855-485-3663 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Towing Aircraft:
Aiken Aviation has plenty of room for aircraft parking; however, there may be times when line personnel need to move parked aircraft to make the most efficient use of ramp space or to move up an aircraft to prepare for departure. Pilots are requested to leave their aircraft configured to tow. When you check in at the FBO customer service counter, please indicate if your aircraft is not configured to tow, if you would like to be contacted before moving your aircraft, or if you have special concerns about towing the aircraft. For your convenience, we have wheel chocks available.

Ramp (Parking) Area:
Ramp (parking) areas are congested with aircraft, vehicles, and pedestrians. The ramps are non-movement areas and are not controlled by Air Traffic Control (ATC). Pilots operating in these areas do so at their own risk. When taxiing in a parking area, be alert for parked aircraft, taxiing aircraft, aircraft with engines running, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Taxiing during hours of darkness or limited visibility is more demanding and requires greater attention. Pilots are reminded to contact Aiken Unicom (122.8) prior to entering an active taxiway.

Landing Fees:
The City of Aiken does not impose fees on any aircraft landing at the Aiken Regional Airport regardless of weight or size.

Helicopter Traffic:
Helicopter traffic will not use the normal designated helicopter parking area. Helicopter pilots should follow the line personnel instructions and anticipate parking in the flagged grass areas.

Restricted Operations:
Formation flights, practice approaches, and touch-and-go operations are prohibited from November 7-17, 2020.